Blogging is not always so fun!

Not that I have written a lot of posts yet!

Well, Zoe, I just spent an hour looking for a nice theme and was trying to go for a whimsical look. What’s whimsical, then? Here’s a picture to best describe the word:


A great Steven Universe picture


Whimsical is something FUN. Something CRAZY. Most likely WEIRD. It’s also FUNNY in a LIGHTHEARTED way and and….. so on and so forth. Mix it all in one pot and out comes a show just like Steven Universe!

So if one day, Penny suddenly comes up to you, upright and walking, telling you about this rabbit hole he can lead you to where you’ll jump in and find a girl called Alice, you can go right ahead and say:

“Penny, how whimsical of you! Now stop talking – dogs don’t talk!” 😀

Anyway, this theme will have to be redesigned soon. If any of the nonexistent readers of this blog are amazing graphic designers, send me a message with the phrase *I GOTCHU BRO* so I know that you’re not spam. I’ll be WAITING (forever)



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